First, let it be said that this is grassroots; Foundation and its donors understand that none of you are professional grant writers, so take a deep breath and don't stress. You will not be evaluated on your grammar or syntax. Just do the best you can to follow the directions carefully, be clear and concise, "make your case" for funding just as you would if we were talking on the phone. This is exciting and should be fun. If the Part 1 Application is found to be promising and within the guiding principles / objectives of Foundation, the organization will be invited to submit Part 2. Following are the elements of the Part 2 Application. The actual application will have more specific instructions.

1. Cover letter

2. Introduction

3. Problem or Need

4. Program Objectives

5. Activities

6. Evaluation of the Objective

7. Future Planning or Other Funding

8. Timeline

9. Budget (and its justification)

10. Attachments or Appendix

Keep in mind, it's Foundation's wish that these donor funds be transformative to the work you do out in the field. Together, we can get there.