“Proper grassroots political organizing is how, and when, the good work you do in your community reaches all the way to Washington DC, to keep the bad stuff they do from coming back to your neighborhood. Think Nationally Act Locally!"
Guy R. Smith
Founder, President at Patriots Business Alliance


“There's been a growing deficit in America of the one thing everyone on both sides of the political fence needs: common sense. The Foundation for Common Sense can mend some of the damage done to our country by helping grassroots patriots bring accountability and responsibility back to Washington through their local projects."
Ann-Marie Murrell
Anchor & National Director/Editor-in-Chief PolitiChicks.tv


"There is little doubt the Tea Party's have had a profound effect in stirring America's conscience. While the Tea Party's are suppose to be grassroots in nature and to some degree they are, the fact is also that they have fallen prey to organized political agenda's. I think what Foundation for Common Sense is doing is not only true grassroots, it will embolden a much larger grassroots base, to affect even greater change in America". 
Ken Crow
Co-Founder Tea Party Community.com 


"By removing the politics from issues and sticking to real life challenges, the Foundation for Common Sense focuses on serious matters in America today, making it possible to affect change in a genuinely practical way. Thus by emphasizing common sense over polemic, The Foundation will invite people to join together and unite based on shared interests instead of being separated by their differences.” 
Beverly Zaslow 
Film & TV Producer, Runaway Slave, Politichicks, Hating Brietbart

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