The Foundation for Common Sense values conservative grassroots projects and the impact they have on communities nationwide to the precept of "think nationally, act locally." The Foundation expresses this through supporting projects that promote the principles and goals of Constitutional conservatism; among those are: free enterprise, limited government (self governance) and fiscal responsibility.

The award cap set for this grant cycle is $3,000.00 per organization.

Applicants must submit the Part 1 (Short Form) Application by 24:00 CST (midnight) 12/31/2013, no exceptions. Post-deadline proposals will not be considered for this grant cycle.

The Foundation will review this information and contact applicants by January 6, 2014 regarding the status of their application.

If the Part 1 Application is found to be promising, the organization will be invited to submit the Part 2 (Long Form) Application, due January 31, 2014. Part 1 applicants not invited to submit full proposals will also receive notification at this time.

Foundation will announce the Committee's selection of grant awardees March 6, 2014, at CPAC. Please note that submission of Part 2 does not guarantee that a grant request will be funded.

* In order to receive funding, organizations must be a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation at the time of the award, however, non-registered entities may still apply with the understanding that it be accomplished as a condition of Foundation support, and prior to funds being disbursed.