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Endow. Educate. Empower

There are untold numbers of significant and worthy liberty projects that deserve the support of donor investment.

And there are untold numbers of donors that are ready for a change, and eager to see precisely what their contributions are accomplishing.

Foundation for Common Sense provides the opportunity for both Donors and Do’ers to achieve their mutual goals.

Grant recipients will be announced and their grassroots initiatives featured on the website. Ideally, many of the winning proposals are universal enough in their objective that they serve as a blueprint for other activists to duplicate in their communities, nationwide. Now that is Empowering!

We ALL bring something to the table; TOGETHER we can make a difference.

Putting POW in the POCKETS of PATRIOTS!
Because it is in OUR hands now.

Center for Self Governance


Transforming Americans From Citizens Without a Voice to Citizen Activists.

Playing Whack-a-Mole with government-driven issues isn't working. It's time for ordinary citizens to learn the skills, tactics and strategies necessary to reverse the relationship of government to the people, and pay less attention to the issues that politicians and the press have trained us to react to.

The Center for Self Governance is creating scores of "patriots next door" by teaching them how to shape public policy and influence legislators via a multi-level curriculum of concrete strategies and practical exercises, not just theory.                                            

Exhibit A: Since CSG's launch in 2011, this organization has seen demand for education jump by 1,300%, and achieved 100% success at the ballot box on local issues their graduates have targeted.



Missouri Precinct Project


This organization is reshaping Missouri's Republican party - from the inside out - by ensuring every open committeeposition is filled with a constitutional conservative. 

Through tireless statewide organization, MOPP assists citizens in taking ownership of their "political neighborhoods." They are creating the "Patriot Next Door." 

Exhibit A: It's not widely known or understood that, nationwide, more than half of the precinct or township committee positions are empty - just waiting for a liberty minded person to step up. In Missouri, patriots across the state are running for committee chair positions, then advancing their push to fill positions on the State Committee. Recently, this has resulted in 44 out of 66 positions on the state committee being strong, conservative, liberty minded citizens. 

The Pay Off: This overhauled state committee has been able to flip the chairmanship of the Missouri Republican Party to a self-described "tea party" individual who has pledged to advance the core values of Constitutionally limited government. 

Bonus: Going forward, this party chairman (or any party chairman) will be held accountable for the aforementioned by the strengthened and highly focused state committee that elected him (or her) to that position.



Frederick Douglass Republicans
"Turning Confrontation Into Conference"

"(Founder) K.Carl Smith may soon be one of the most influential people in America you have never heard of...until now."

Taking his strategy directly to the communities typically ignored, K.Carl describes himself as a "MESSENGER of Frederick Douglass Conservatism," and that message transcends the artificial barriers of race, sex, creed, age or national origin.

Exhibit A: Louisiana State Senator Elbert Lee Guillory's party switch from Democrat to Republican; K.Carl had been working with Guillory in the months preceding. 

K.Carl's message is not only about today's Republican Party; it's more about what tomorrow's Republican party should and could be.

"We believe that promoting the principles of the Constitution on the grassroots level, horizontally in communities nationwide - not only vertically with a single minded goal of winning political victories - the movement will gain sustained momentum, effect greater change in the long run and achieve permanence."
Kim Paris
Foundation for Common Sense