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1. Read through Guidelines below.

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4. Once you create your organization you will be taken the Application page to begin the application process. There are some fields you must complete before you are able to save, and these will be flagged during the application process.


Thank you for your interest in applying for a grant from Foundation for Common Sense (the “Foundation”). These guidelines are designed to clarify the Foundation’s strategic objectives and to maximize the use of limited resources for the Foundation and the grassroots organizations that apply to it. Please take a few moments to read the following information, as it will help you determine whether your project or organization is a good match for the Foundation and its donors. The Foundation has a two-step application process described in more detail below.


Foundation for Common Sense was launched December 1, 2013 with the goal of connecting Donor to Do-er, and providing ongoing educational and peer support for conservative activists on a variety of projects. Rather than serving as a “rancher” attempting to herd folks, Foundation is committed to supporting the liberty movement as a “farmer,” nurturing a variety of grassroots projects to a bountiful harvest of meaningful and measurable outcomes in communities nationwide.


To promote the principles and goals of conservative Constitutionalism; among those are free enterprise, limited government (self governance) and fiscal responsibility.

Other Important Information:

The award cap for this grant cycle is $3,000.00 per organization, and applicants are advised to design their proposed budgets up to, or beneath, that. Remember, this is a competitive process and donors (via Foundation) are seeking the best bang for their buck. It would be wiser to ask for less and show a fiscally responsible budget plan for that amount, than to ask for the maximum and fluff up the proposal to get to the cap.

Grant applicants needn't be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation at the time of their submittal, however, if awarded a grant, in order to receive Foundation funding they must be legally and properly registered as such; or alternatively, be functionally integrated with a 501(c)(3) that will accept funds and assume reporting responsibility.

Only one application per organization per grant cycle will be accepted, but there is no restriction on how many times in a year an organization may apply. Further, being an awardee does not disqualify you for future grants.

The Foundation does not award grants to 501(c)(4) corporations, PACs, candidates, legislative lobbying efforts or individuals. Further, at this time Foundation will not be considering grants for the production of videos, hosting of conferences or seminars, event sponsorship, or the development of strategic plans.

Overview of Grant Process:

The Foundation has a two-part application process:

Part 1 (Short Form) Application: Applicants are asked to submit Part 1 Application no later than 24:00 CST (midnight) December 31, 2013. The Foundation will review this information and contact applicants by January 6, 2013 regarding the status of their application.

Part 2 (Long Form) Application: If the Part 1 Application is found to be promising, the organization will be invited to submit the Part 2 Application, due January 31, 2014 .

Part 1 applicants not invited to submit a full proposal will also receive notification at this time.

The Foundation will notify all of those who submit a Part 2 Application of the Committee's final decision March 6, 2014, at CPAC. Please note that submission of Part 2 does not guarantee that a grant request will be funded.

If you have any questions or issues with the application process, please contact Kim Paris, Executive Director.

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