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Connecting Donor to Do’er.  It’s Revolutionary!

St. Louis, MO.  (Dec.1 , 2013) – Grant opportunities NOW AVAILABLE.  No other national grassroots liberty organization directly supports with a financial investment the tireless efforts of the true patriots, the actual boots on the ground.  That is Foundation for Common Sense’s primary purpose.  

“Rather than serving as a ‘rancher’ attempting to herd folks, Foundation for Common Sense is committed to supporting the liberty movement as a ‘farmer,’ nurturing a variety of grassroots projects to a bountiful harvest of measurable outcomes in communities nationwide."
Kim Paris, Director

Foundation for Common Sense is a Non Profit 501(c)(3) corporation, registered with the state of Missouri. Its stated purpose is: Funding organizational projects and education on the principles and goals of conservatism, among them free enterprise, limited government and fiscal responsibility.  This will be accomplished by distributing donor contributions and the proceeds from Rally for Common Sense, via competitive cash grants (evaluated by an independent committee), to grassroots projects nationwide that perpetuate these pillars of conservative Constitutionalism.

There are untold numbers of significant and worthy liberty projects that deserve the support of donor investment. Foundation for Common Sense is the = (equal sign) between Donors and Do-ers.  
We ALL bring something to the table, and TOGETHER we can make a difference.  

Endow. Educate. Empower


For information on how to apply for a grant, or to contribute to Foundation for Common Sense, Visit our website:  

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