NOTE: The Committee reviews Part 2 (finalists).

The Foundation for Common Sense is organized such that funding decisions are made by a Grantmaking Committee. This Committee is made up of at least five members from around the country, who review, discuss and make decisions about the Part 2 proposals before them. Every precaution will be taken to ensure there's no conflict of interest. The Foundation Director initially reviews the proposals and writes a full summary of each one and submits them to the Committee, without recommendation. Each committee member is assigned a number of proposals to study in depth and present to the rest of the Committee. Further, there is a numerical ranking system for fair and objective evaluation.

Following are some of the guidelines the Committee members use when presenting their proposals to the rest of the group. These may provide some insight into the key points that Foundation is considering when making funding decisions.

  • Do the organization's mission and the project match the interests of the Foundation?

  • Is the proposal clear, descriptive, logical, free of jargon, well organized?

  • Is the project stated in terms of advancing Constitutional principles?

  • Does it build on strengths and opportunities as opposed to focusing on problems and needs?

  • Is the project reasonable and doable?

  • Do the goals and methods flow from one to the next? Does the organization have the wherewithal to carry it out?

  • What are your impressions regarding the management and reputation of the organization?

  • Is there evidence of solid community support and involvement?

  • Are there partnerships or collaborations involved?

  • Does the proposed budget tell the same story as the proposal narrative?

  • Is the proposed budget sufficient to perform the task?

  • Are there any unexplained amounts?

  • Is it clear what the Foundation is being asked to fund? Is future funding addressed?

  • If a phone call was conducted, describe it.

  • Do you or any Committee members have personal experience or connections that can add insight?

  • What do you recommend?