Let’s talk about EDUCATE, the third cornerstone of Endow.Educate.Empower.

Foundation for Common Sense and the donors it represents are committed to providing well-rounded support of your grassroots liberty projects. To that end, Foundation will be offering webinars on topics that go directly to YOUR SUCCESS. "How to Register a 501(c)(3)" or "Harnessing the Power of Social Media," Q&A with subject matter experts and the movers and shakers in our movement; the possibilities are endless.

Foundation is here to serve the grassroots, both Donors and Do-ers. As the grassroots speaks, Foundation will listen and strive to provide a platform to meet those educational needs.  Foundation, and the thousands of donors around the country it will ultimately represent, want the "boots on the ground" to be successful, and that this opportunity be transformative to your missions. 

Stay connected to the website for announcement of upcoming webinars and other services aimed at helping you move the ball down the field in meaningful and measurable ways.

Meantime, please submit your suggestions in the comments below. Thank you for your input.

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